Download link of doulci activator : A tool to bypass icloud activation

There is a leaked beta version of doulci activator floating in internet which can bypass icloud activation . This tool is avilable for free. Leaked by one of the beta testers, this tool bypass icloud activation ( Many user confirmed they have bypassed icloud activation using this software) . I’m providing a direct link of the beta version of the software . Download and instal the software from the link below and follow the instruction provided in the video

Download link

Video proof

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Doulci Activator : The first tool to bypass icloud activation

A one and only great tool created by Doulci team, the Doulci activator,  is the first tool that can bypass icloud activation screen without the need of itunes. By far this is the only tool that can bypass icloud lock screen.

If you don’t know what is Doulci ( If u spell from opposite it’s icloud), A group of members and hackers from Netherland, who were the first to work on icloud security bypass and first to create icloud activation server. On may 29, more than 70000 device were bypass using their server. After that they created a tool called Doulci activator which can bypass icloud activation screen without the need of itunes.

Download the leaked beta version of Doulci activator from the website below ( You can see lot of users claiming they have bypassed their device and best thing is this software is completely free)

Download link 

Alternative download link of doulci activator. Try software from both link . They work on different server.

Download link 

Mac user : Visit this link

Instruction to bypass icloud using doulci activator

– Download doulci activator from above link . Try with both versions .

– Instal the software and follow the video provided below .

Watch Video for proof

Latest Hardware and software method for icloud activation bypass

If you are thinking of bypassing icloud from your iphone, there are to ways
to achieve this.
The first one is hardware method which requires you to either swap your motherboard with working motherboard which is free from icloud account. You can buy the working motherboard from ebay or alibaba.If you’ve technical knowledge you can change the emmc to bypass icloud activation. The latter method is very very hard method which requires you to have technical knowledge.

Perhaps the most easy and simple method is to use software method which requires to
download series of free software and tool that is used during icloud activation bypass.
You can find free steps and tools from the website provided in this link

Bypass icloud activation from AT&T T mobile verizon and other carriers

Bypass icloud activation from your ipad or iphone locked on AT&T T mobile verizon factory unlocked or any carriers. The steps are very simple and requires to download and install some free bypassing software.

Procedure : Before you begin it is required that you to have icloud locked device , a pc running either window or mac os and download and install free bypass software.You can visit  the link below for full tutorial and software required for icloud activation bypass.

Tutorial for icloud bypass

icloud bypass


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iphone 7 ios 10.2 and below icloud bypss news

The latest ios 10.2 is out for iphone 7, iphone 7 plus and other apple gadgets. Many users are stuck on icloud on their iphones and searching for solution in search engine to bypass icloud activation. There are some ways to bypass icloud either fully or partially from iphone 7 and lower apple devices. First and foremost if you are the owner of your iphones , the best thing is to contact apple genious to get this sorted out. With the ownership proof, they can solve this problem in no time.

But what if you bought this device from online store like ebay and you have no contact to the owners or device is sent from your relatives and you are leaving overseas.The solution is simply to try free software bypass method. If you follow correctly with all the required software the bypass is not hard to achieve.

Simply visit icloud free bypass link to bypass for absolutely free.

Tutorials to fix itune error -54 while syncing

You are syncing your backup on your iphone using itunes and sudeenly you get error -54. Damn! you are searching for the solution in search engine and couldnot found the working solution that could work best for you.

Itunes sync error -54 is mainly related to adminstration and authorization issue but other issue may cause this problem . So it’s difficult to find which problem caused this issue. So the user should try with the basic steps provided below

1 Update your itunes to latest version from itunes official page

2 Update your iphones to the latest version . Check there is any update notification.

3 Use original cable while syncing or change the cable.

4 Authorize computer in iTunes.

Click iTunes then Choose “Store” on iTunes menu and then you can authorize your computer.

5 Always run itunes on adminstrative mode. If you are using older version of window use window xp/window 7 compatibility mode.

6 Your window registry may be damaged due to virus or by any other issue. Download and instal registry repair tool to solve this issue.

This tips can help you fix -54 error.



iphone 7 ios 10.1.1 latest jailbreak news

Unlike android mobiles which has customization inbuilt, iphones doesnot give power to customize your mobile. If you are thinking of customizing your iphones then jailbreaking is the most. Jailbreaker Luca Todesco was succesful to jailbreak his iphone 7 on ios 10.1.1 using latest method. A video was released on youtube with his iphone 7 jailbreak with Cydia substrate.

Video can be watched below


On his tweeter account he tweeted


Previously different jailbreak for ios 10 was being teased by Pangu and iH8sn0w. With the new jailbreak for ios 10.1.1 being teased for iphone 7 , it wouldn’t be hard to guess we will be having good news within some week if not months.

Do you guys are desperate to have your iphone 7 jailbreak ? Comment below.

Bypass icloud activation and disable find my iphone from iphone 6+ 6 5s 5c 5 4s 4 and all ipads

Step by step tutorials on how to bypass icloud activation screen and disable find my iphone from you beloved i devices. This bypass method works on all iphones – iphone 6s , 6 , 5s , 5c , 5 , 4s , 4 and with all ipad and ipods . It works on all ios versions.


Instructions :

1 First you can download the software completely free from

Download link

2 After downloading software the next step is to instal the software

3 After installing the software , connect your iphone or ipad or ipod  to your computer

4 Run the software

5 Follow the video below

6 If everything goes fine you’ll have icloud bypassed device .


Video tutorial with proof

icloud activation lock removal service

If you’re looking for icloud activation lock removal service , you’ll be happy to know that there is a free unlock service which can bypass icloud activation. The software is called doulci activator. There is a leaked beta version of the software in the website posted below.

Download doulci activator with step by step instruction

Just click on the above website to download the software with step by step tutorial. You can see lot’s of people reviews claiming that the software helped them bypass icloud lock . The best thing is, this tool is free of cost. Just download, instal and follow the instruction.

Watch the video below for proof

Icloud activation bypass working method

If you’re searching for working method to bypass icloud activation, then I’ll teach you step by step method to achieve this.

FOllow the step below or look at the video

1 The first thing you need is to download doulci activator . Link to download software is here

2 Now after downloading the software instal the software

3 Now you need to connect your mobile, ipad or ipod to computer

4 At last follow the instruction as stated in your laptop

after following all the procedure you’ll see your device will get bypassed activation screen

Look at the video below

Enjoy your device

Bypass icloud activation

How you can bypass icloud activation ?

The answer is using new doulci activator. It is the only software which bypasses icloud lock on any iphone version and on any ios.

The leaked beta version of this tool can be downloaded from link below

Click here

Watch video

Unlock & Bypass iOS 7 iCloud Activation Server Lock Online via Hosts File



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