Bypass icloud activation on ios 8

If you are on ios 7 or ios 8 and is stuck on icloud activation lock, then you may be looking for bypassing your device. Without icloud activation your iphone is expensive paperweight device. If you are searching for tutorial please read below

This tool called as Doulci activator works for all ios devices( Iphone, ipad, ipod etc)
and all ios version( 7.x.x or 8.x.x) .Download link is provided below . This tutorial is only for information purpose and to help those people who bought their iphone or other device genuinely and by no means to help thieves or those people who stole device.

Ok first let me introduce the tool doulci activator . This is a tool developed by doulci team. and the leaked version of this tool can only be downloaded from the link below. This tool bypass the icloud activation lock without using itunes. All u need to follow the youtube video below

Download link : Download

Youtube video and instruction :


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